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Once trained by TRC can I play any track I want?

WOFS works at any track where greyhounds run in circle chasing a fuzzy toy!


There are no restrictions on the tracks you can play live in your State. As long as you have a greyhound track near your home, you are set! Then of course you can play online on any available tracks in the USA.


Might I have to quit my job to play on a pro level?

Of course not!


Most of my players have a job or run a business. They learn my WOFS Speed Method, stop losing money and have an opportunity to make a second income doing something they really enjoy like playing greyhounds on a pro level making real money at the track or in the comfort of their home online! After handicapping races which meet my Stardog criteria a player can place bets at the track or play from home. Other players join secured online wagering services that offer live simulcast racing and wagering while never leaving the comfort of their home. You don't have to live in a state with greyhound racing to join these online services.




Once trained by TRC can I play any track I want?

WOFS works at any track where greyhounds run in circle chasing a fuzzy toy!


Once you learn the WOFS Speed Method to play greyhounds on a pro level... You can use WOFS at any greyhound track in the country and can even play online from the comfort of your home in your pajamas.


After training do I ever handicap NeTTwork TT/TS?

TRC trains his players to play Stardog races only using his world famous WOFS Speed Method and split, mini & micro betting techniques.


Since Twin-Tri & Tri-Super jackpots are 2 leg races, the odds of locating a Stardog in each leg on the day or night of the mandatory force-out are not very good. So, if a trained player locates a Stardog in one of the legs, there is still the other leg which TRC always tells you to pass when a Stardog is not found. So, the only time TRC suggests his players play these races is when there is a Stardog drops into the first leg of the race. The reason for this exception is because the Stardog can help a trained player who knows WOFS get MANY exchanges (hitting the 1st leg trifecta many times) and have a much better chance of hitting a Twin-Tri or possibly even a Tri-Super which of course are much harder to hit.




Can a pro player still be involved in your NeTTwork?

Yes! A trained player does not own rights to a NeTTwork track.


However, non NeTTwork players can still take part in Team NeTTwork plays which are small groups of partners and/or trained players that share in Tri-Super jackpots over $100K! When these jackpots are hit by TRC all players in the group share equally in the profits!


Is the "training process and training program the same as NeTTwork partners?

Pretty much the same except 4-day instead of 5-day for NeTTwork partners.


The main difference is a trained pro player who does not share in additional profits (second yearly income) from the NeTTwork jackpots hit by TRC. Twin-Tri & Tri-Supers are only shared by NeTTwork partners who own the rights to their home tracks in their state and make additional income every time TRC hits a jackpot race at their home track location.




Does this program also offer free lifetime consulting services?

Yes! Pro players & NeTTwork partners only receive lifetime consulting.


Both the NeTTwork partnership training and pro training programs offer lifetime consulting as well as free access to private most private areas of our website such as our Bet Generator and NeTTwork room.


Do I have password access to TRC's Bet Generator?

Yes of course!


Every player who trains with TRC or purchases a Home Study Course gets free lifetime access to our exclusive Bet Generator.




With so many players buying your training programs doesn't this reduce the payout on trifectas and superfectas?

I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard this question.


My training programs range from $2,700 to $25,000 and I only sell or train 1 or 2 per month. I make 99% of my money playing greyhounds not training players. I always have to laugh because if that question was asked about all the players who bought tip sheets you would be talking about hundreds of thousands of players in the USA and overseas. Yet, it's unlikely that more than just a few of my Pro players are playing the same live or simulcast location (of which there are 20 plus tracks and hundreds of simulcast locations) on the same day or night. However, if this were to occur as rare as it is the payoff would not be significantly less.


In fact, if grandma or grandpa placed a $2 straight bet on the winning superfecta combination the payoff would be reduced as much or more. For some reason people think I've trained thousands of players through the years despite that my training programs prior to 2006 were $20K and $10K and I did not not offer a Home Study Course. The fact is that I have only trained 100 plus players over the past 30 years.


With thousands and thousands of greyhound players playing daily and nightly across the country and around the world, I hardly think my hundred players or future 100 Home Study Course owners will make any difference in the trifecta and superfecta payoffs. Also, if I sold 50 HSC's a year (and I don't) I would be introducing 50 "Pro players" into Greyhound Racing each year. Yet, with "Online Wagering" Greyhound Racing wagering sites are registering "thousands of new players" each year while I'm sending in "1 to 2 pro players" a month to take their money.


Furthermore, I have NeTTwork partners at many tracks around the country and most handicap 4 to 6 tracks a day or night. At most live or simulcast track locations around the country you can play 10 to 17 tracks. However, the reality is that you simply don't have the time to handicap them all. So, you don't have to ever worry about payoffs going down. If anything, since online wagering some live tracks have closed but more players than ever have access to more tracks than ever before and most of them can play without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.


My average players make $50,000 to $75,000 a year and my top players $75,000 to $100,000. We have several players in my $100,0000 club each year. So, certainly my Pro players have not experienced diminished pools. In fact, the trifecta and superfecta pools have been steadily increasing through the years because of online wagering and will continue to do so for many years to come.