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The following testimonials are available in a audio MP3 format in the event you have problems loading the videos.

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About one on one training:


Brian D.
Size: 10MB (.MPG file)

James F.

Size: 7MB (.MPG file) click

Kevin S.

Size: 11MB (.MPG file) click


Rodney C.

Size: 10MB (.MPG file) click

Bill H.

Size: 18MB (.MPG file) click

Roddy C.

Size: 9MB (.MPG file) click


Charley H.

Size: 10MB (.MPG file) click



Seminar - November


Larry M.
Size: 3MB (.MPG file)

Eryk B. & Lloyd R.

Size: 5.4MB (.MPG file) click

John H. & Joe P.

Size: 8.8MB (.MPG file) click



Size: 2.7MB (.MPG file) click

Bet Generator

Size: 4MB (.MPG file) click

Bet Generator

Size: 3MB (.MPG file) click




Seminar - MAY


Evie G.
Size: 1.6MB (.MP4 file)

Raymond T.

Size: 1.9MB (.MP4 file) click

Andrew H.

Size: 1.3MB (.MP4 file) click




Seminar - JuLY



Frank S. / Melvin E. / Rick R.
Size: 1.1MB (.MP4 file)






Home Study Course - November


This is a player that purchased the Home Study Course and
then purchased the right to a NeTTwork track.

Rodney S.
Size: 7.4MB (.MP4 file)