TURNED $84 into $7,000!!


TRC teaches you that small bets can often = BIG BUCKS!!


These are only a few of the many betting techniques TRC teaches his players. Have you ever made $7,000 with 2 little bets? TRC does it all the time. One bet $24 the other only $60 bucks!


Below are 2 ACTUAL winning superfecta tickets TRC hit 4 days apart at 2 different tracks making a net profit of $7,000 for a total investment of $84 on both races! The only aspect that remains constant in using WOFS is that we ALWAYS ONLY use one dog on top!


Those tickets show how you can make a HUGE PROFIT with a very small investment without overbetting and as a result keep a higher net profit. My players or "WOFSMEN" as I proudly like to refer to them as play trifecta & superfecta races only because the payouts are much bigger than other types of bets with the exception of Twin-Tri & Tri-Supers. You can view the payout differences in these pools by [clicking here]


You can click on this mini ticket (click) and you will see the actual winning ticket!


2 Supers for $7,000 hit 4 days apart with only $84 bucks!

Winning Tickets Track Name Amount bet Hits Net Profit
ticket Derby Lane, Florida $60 1 time $3,264.70
ticket Palm Beach, Florida $24 1 time $3,456.70

Total net profit: $6,721.40