Why Trifectas & Superfectas are the best pools to play


My players learn to use my WOFS Speed Method to play the deepest pools in greyhound racing (besides Twin-Tris & Tri-Supers) trifectas & superfectas.



WE PLAY 80% superfectas and 20% TRIFECTAS


The reason is very simple...


There is a lot more money to be realized using WOFS playing trifectas & superfectas than wasting time and money playing Quinielas, perfectas or W/P/S. Below is a list of payout averages in various pools at some of the larger handle tracks around the country computed on a Saturday evening. Amounts have been calculated on a $1 ROI.


Date Track Win Place Show Quin Per Tri Super
04-28e Jacksonville $6.36 $2.96 $1.96 $22.95 $41.32 $211.94 $428.84
04-28e Palm Beach $5.28 $2.79 $1.86 $17.73 $41.42 $207.84 $752.09
04-28e Phoenix $3.89 $2.00 $1.62 $13.60 $24.40 $147.02 $911.40
04-28e Gulf $5.55 $2.50 $1.92 $14.26 $51.81 $241.79 $1,620.22



You don't need more examples to realize the amount you make per each $1 invested is MUCH greater with trifecta & superfecta bets than most any other types of bets. With so much money to be made in these pools and I train serious greyhound players to hit tris & supers at any and all tracks around the country.