Crazy Handicapping

Don't fall for it!


This section shows you what happens to your money when you buy "so called" expert handicapping books, silly systems, gimmicks, software programs on the market that try to make sense out of nonsense!


Just as the Bermuda Triangle takes ships & planes forever, so is your hard earned money lost forever in Dog Racing's Bermuda Triangle!


In almost 30 years as a professional greyhound player I've seen (not read) all the "get rich quick" books, gadgets, systems, software, slide rules, calculators, number crunching, data inputting, daily downloading, nightly uploading, programs, gimmicks, Ouija boards, doggie dice and a whole bunch of other junk that so many "so called expert handicappers" sell to unsuspecting innocent players looking to play for profit! I obviously don't buy what these "so called self proclaimed experts" (who never post proof on their websites) are selling. In fact, any player who has bought any of these worthless gimmicks almost always find themselves at my site seeking real professional training with a proven method of handicapping and betting. So, the first thing I do to help is confiscate all those silly systems and gimmicks they have purchased previously. Then they are ready for real professional training. They are always more than happy to throw all their useless junk out since all it did for them was make their money disappear!


They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words?

Take a look to your left. See all that junk so called expert handicappers sell to unsuspecting players trying to improve?


This gives you an idea of the pain & suffering most go through before they find their way to my website for a real proven method and training on a pro level.



You can't make sense out of nonsense! But, would you like to see how hard they tried?


Most every player I have ever trained have taken more than their lumps with all the silly systems they have purchased through the years. Several of them took their quest for profit to the extreme! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that they never made any consistent profit (in fact, they lost a lot of money) until I trained them to use my WOFS Speed Method.


Hard to believe that someone has the time to do all that work. Believe it or not, but these are only a few charts of HUNDREDS that they have used over the years. Below are a few links of some of the silly and outrageous systems and gimmicks they have tried though the years.


Just click on each image to see the madness!


I asked these player what some of these charts were used for and he actually told me they don't really remember, but they know one thing... They didn't work!


ticket ticket ticket

Crazy color system

The stitches system

Chart crazy counter

ticket ticket ticket

3 year chartmania

The odd odds chart

The Kennel Krazies



Would you like to see more silly systems on the market today?


Here are even more silly systems tried by many of my players before they learned my WOFS Speed Method and learned to play greyhounds on a pro level. Obviously, they were losing a lot, until they were trained by yours truly and started winning consistently! I don't have the time to look at all of these crazy systems and gimmicks I have confiscated through the years, but I decided to pick a few of the silliest systems and post them on my site in the hopes that others will learn and realize that anyone can create any kind of system that looks cool, is complicated, very complex and usually takes hours to handicap, but unfortunately they simply don't work! If they did, you can bet these snake oil salesmen would be posting very impressive results and testimonials about how great their systems and gimmicks work.



Horse/dog spinner


This gadget is a real find! This one device handicaps horses, trotters, greyhounds and doubles as an astrological chart too! (just kidding about the chart) Anyway, just click on it and try to figure it out. It should tell you something right away! I mean, do I really have to point out how ridiculous this is? I mean after all,everyone knows that horses, trotters & greyhounds eat different kinds of food. Okay, okay, so I'm having a little harmless fun at their expense but it's to make a point and they are great guys and making money today after learning WOFS!



Handy slide ruler


This one's a beauty! The player I trained that was using this gizmo was an engineer and told me it took him 15 minutes to handicap each dog. That's 2 hours to handicap one race and he never once was in the black.




Fantasyland stars


There's so much work involved in this one that once you're done you can't see the program anymore! It looks like you need a 3 color star stamping device, a stencil full of circles and ovals, 3 color pens and a degree in graphic arts just to figure this one out. Obviously, the inventor of this system by his own admission never made a penny.


Seen enough?


Well, just as real life it takes a REAL EDUCATION for you to learn to play greyhounds on a pro level. You get what you pay for in life. So, you decide... Do you keep buying silly systems and gimmicks which everyone knows don't work consistently? Or, do you learn The WOFS Speed Method & my expert betting techniques using our exclusive Bet Generator? If you are a serious player you should of course learn to play greyhounds on a pro level.