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Did you ever think the strategies you are presently using could be a lot better? Let's face it, most players use the well know "gambling technique" and simply hope to get lucky. Real pros will tell you that "just gambling" doesn't work very well and you always end up losing money in the end. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn't be that way if your goal is to be profitable.


What other profession do you know where someone goes to work hoping to do their job well? Aren't they always trained, educated or skilled at their given profession? Shouldn't you be trained and educated as well? While it does not take the place of my pro training programs, it's the next best thing! It's also an invaluable tool for the serious minded handicapper and the most comprehensive book ever written! It's also the only book you will ever need to get answers to Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Greyhound Racing.


It took one year to complete this book and almost every one of the 250 pages of this unique 8.5 x 11 soft cover book are in COLOR with images, illustrations, charts and graphs. The book has an in-depth analysis on all types of wagering with an emphasis on Trifecta & Superfecta betting. There are multiple in-depth analysis, not the least of which are 6 topics and a total of 30 pages on speed handicapping, showing the power of the 1/8th as it relates to the WOFS Speed Method just to mention 7 of the 239 topics in this book.


Discover how my WOFS Speed Method (the only proven handicapping method in the world today) compares with everything else. Start applying new techniques and put the odds in your favor for a change. Remember there are some players playing against you who are actually trained, educated or skilled and these players are ready to take your money. Catch up to them starting today. Learn how to avoid all the mistakes and pitfalls so many uneducated gamblers fall into and make greyhound handicapping profitable, not just entertainment.


After all, there's no fun in losing! When you know what you're doing you get the kind of benefit and results your time and effort deserves.


A few testimonials


Dear Marcel,

The book was fantastic! The Pictures! The Humor! The Logic!!! All very well done. I'm already a better player. Mainly because I'm staying away until stardogs become a part of my future. One of my favorite parts is pg. 234 where the white greyhound says,"It's the WOFS Speed Method." Thanks for a great book!! Louis - Texas - Aug. 22th, 2011 USA


Hi Marcel,

I Enjoyed your book. Good detail and broad in scope. We are making preparation to purchase the course, and will as soon as I am able. Thank you for an excellently researched and written book. It resolved many unanswered questions that I had. Carter - Georgia - July 31st, 2010 USA


The information contained in your book was absolutely astounding. I especially liked the sections on betting trifectas and superfectas. It was absolutely amazing was a difference structuring your bets correctly can make in cost and benefit. It showed me how little I know. It showed me I need to get educated. Rex - Florida - June 15th, 2010 USA USA


Marcel: greetings,

When I saw your book I couldn't believe my eyes! I received it this afternoon and have already read it thru. I give you and your wife, much credit. It contains alot of wonderful background & history on greyhounds that I never would have thought about! Also I took your test that was online back when you called me and I flunked every question on it! Thanks for the work and time you put in on this book and I will refer to it many times in order to keep me out of the junk that floats around. I know you are 100% right and I like the way you put it in my face!! Dillard - Texas - Feb. 27th, 2010 USA



Thank so much for your wonderful book. I received my copy just before Christmas - this information has really made me sit up and take notice of all the years of wasted money. For the first time I actually thought about my poor wife who stood by and watched me throw good money after bad. Time and time agin. You are the only man out there who ever talked about our wives. Thank you. As a result I sat down and apologized to my wife who was absolutely gobsmacked at this confession! Marcel, I realize now for the first time that systems just don't work. I realize now how stupid I was. I know now that to be good at anything you need an education and good teachers. Greyhound racing is no different. And you're the best in the business. I don't see anyone else posting their winning tickets on the internet for the world to see. Sincerely James - Feb. 19th, 2010 AUSTRALIA


Fascinating. Couldn't put it down until I read it from cover to cover. I can't wait until I start with the home study course which I will order today. Thanks for making this affordable. Gary - Texas - Jan. 10th, 2010 USA


This was the quickest book I've ever read in my life. Very well organized and to the point on all aspects of greyhound racing. I wish this book would have been around in 1992 when I started playing greyhounds. It would have saved me thousands of dollars alone just by skipping races that I had little chance of winning. Marcel has made me realize that there's a difference between gambling for action and gambling to make a long term profit. James - Wisconsin - Jan. 10th, 2010 USA



I really enjoyed the book. I have read it almost 5 times since I received it. It is very informative. I have all ready started saving to get the home study course. I hope I will have it in a few months. Thanks, Tim - North Carolina - Jan. 10th, 2010 USA



Thank you for the book. I received it in early December and have read it several times. Let me say I feel like an idiot after reading it because I was a gambler and did some really dumb things. As you said 98% of gamblers lose. I can't wait for the home study course.
Thanks again! Steven - Texas - Jan. 4th, 2010 USA


Hello Marcel,

When I first saw the ad for this book I knew it was going to be a fantastic book. It is the most informative and enjoyable book I have read on greyhound racing. Like you said "This book has a wealth of knowledge for you to use and enjoy for many years to come." Thanks for writing this book. Donald - Florida- Jan. 4th, 2010 USA


I read your book from cover to cover on the day it arrived. Very enjoyable and interesting. I have decided to take your pro training one on one program. I am in the process of sorting out the logistics of getting over there to train with you. I firmly believe that I must get to the USA as soon as possible to learn with the master! As you say many times throughout your book, education is the key. Jeff - Jan. 3rd, 2010 AUSTRALIA


Hello Marcel,

After receiving this book today I spent the whole night reading the entire book. I was rather amazed at how intellingently the book was written and how Marcel was comprehensive and methodical in his presentation. What was exceptionally helpful was his dispelling of many concepts that handicappers use. He did this by examining the greyhound Sas Big Show from several viewpoints. One last thing. He helped de-clutter my mind about as to several potentially useless factors when handicapping a race. Bill T. - Dec. 23rd, 2009 USA


Hello Marcel,

I just purchased your new book "Everything you always wanted to know about Greyhound Racing". It is nothing short of amazing - no details spared! Matt M. - Pennsylvania - Dec. 3rd, 2009 USA


Thanks Marcel!

After 22 years handicapping the dogs I thought I knew everything about greyhound racing. Well, your book proved me wrong. I can't believe how much I didn't know but I do now! This has to be the best greyhound book I have ever read. John B. - Dec. 1st, 2009 UNITED KINGDOM


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