Online wagering using The WOFS Speed Method





The greyhound industry has changed in the last few years with the advent of online wagering. Before the year 2002 my WOFS Speed Method was only available to those few serious players who had a greyhound track (or simulcast track) in their state. The latest state of the art technology finally finds it's way to greyhound racing. Now just about anyone can bet most greyhound tracks around the country online from the comfort of your own home. It is no longer necessary to actually drive to a greyhound track to make your bets.


All you need is an Internet wagering account and you now have access to:


  • Racing programs (pdf & text file)
  • Results post almost instantly after each race
  • Live racing (watch races on your computer in real time)
  • Online wagering on all but Twin-Tri & Tri-Super bets


My WOFS Speed Method does not require anything other than a race program which you can download from the internet. Handicap the races and place your bets online from home or at the track. What could be better than making money while doing something you really enjoy:


  • Take your wife, your girlfriend out to dinner more!
  • Play with the kids since you can stay home to bet and watch races!
  • Go to the movies or to a nice restaurant more often!
  • Relax enjoy life while you make money online and have fun doing it!


If you would like to find out if your state allows online wagering for greyhounds, click here. Don't forget even if your state does not allow online wagering with a United States based online service, you can still use an out of the country online wagering service which is perfectly legal.




To see a list of available wagering locations, please come back to this page soon, we will have a list available.