Testimonials received: e-mails/letters/faxes


The following testimonials are just a few we received thru the years from users of the WOFS Speed Method.




Testimonial #1

Hey Marcel,


Just wanted to write a short note of thanks and also send a copy of my chart.


Now, on to my results. My first 44 Stardog races resulted in a win percentage of nearly 50%, a best bet selection of 32%, and a net profit of $8,567.42. (See starchart enclosed) It goes without saying that this FAR exceeded my expectations for my first month of handicapping.


After all, before taking your training, I wasn't even a player. I WANTED to be a player and had purchased too many "systems" (crap) to even begin to count. These "systems" that you confiscated at training were just the ones I could find, there have been many more. The $8,567 dollars I profited in my first month of handicapping is roughly $8,567 dollars more than I ever netted with any "system" bought through the mail.

I am SO GLAD to have finally found someone who delivers what he promises. Your WOFS Speed Method is everything you claim it to be. As you know from my e-mails, our win percentage is holding steady at 50% just as it should be. All of the "systems" I purchased in the past were lucky to work on one day. NONE of them could have ever held up over a 44 race period. The WOFS Speed Method not only held up, it proved itself over and above ANYTHING I could have expected!


I had literally given up playing the dogs before coming across your web site one day. 20 years from now I'll look back and realize that was one of the most important days of my life.

Thanks again for EVERYTHING!




Testimonial #2

Hi Marcel,

I wanted to give you some good news. I shot over to Derby Lane for the 6th and 7th races last nite. Race 6 had 5/6/4/1 twice and 5/6/4 20 times!! $1,364 on the Tri and $489.60 on the super. In race 7 had 8/4/3/1 once and 8/4/3 three times. super was $405.30 and the tri paid $115.50 each time. My profit for the day was $2,329.40! My best day so far with WOFS.



Testimonial #3

Hello Marcel,


I've been handicapping greyhounds well over 25 years or I thought until I met Marcel. I knew from our conversation that this was the person who could get me on the right track as far a handicapping properly, and help with the way I was making bets. I am now cashing more tickets and betting less.

After my training, I found it rewarding to understand how a race develops,runs and finishes and be there holding the winning ticket. I am especially appreciate the fact that Marcel makes himself available for questions and assistance after formal training. I thought this would have been an issue, I found that Marcel was a man of his word.

Although, I am fairly new, I have learned more in my short period of time with Marcel, then in my 25 years on my own. Thanks Marcel, I highly recommend your course to any one who is serious about handicapping greyhounds.






Testimonial #4

Hi Marcel,


I came home very excited tonight, from my first night actually playing you method. I played 3 races 2 at Mile and 1 at Pueblo, out of those 3 races I hit 2 tris at MH and the super at pueblo. 3 for 3 not bad you really are the best in the world, I am very proud to have been taught by you. I invested $72 and my payout was $660 = $588 profit ! needless to say I have a big smile on my face right now.




Testimonial #5

Hello Marcel,


My winning percentage is up to 70% on my test plays and my yellow star pick are an amazing 66%!!!! I have been picking test races and watching them at Derby Lanes for feedback. It's amazing watching the stardogs 1st or 2nd at the 1/8th and winning with ease. Hope to speak with you tomorrow and giving you the winning call for the 13th race!!!




Testimonial #6

Marcel & Karen,


It certainly was nice meeting you!!! You did very well as teachers of this business, very professional! I have already started practicing and going over the materials. Have not checked the results of my practice races yet but I will certainly let you know how I did. Teresa and I are both very excited about this business. She wants me to teach her how to read the programs. I think this is going to be good for both of us! Look forward to seeing you both again soon!!! Had a great time!!!


Thanks again!!!
Gary and Teresa




Testimonial #7

Hi again Marcel,


Thought you would like to hear this, the e-mail about you doing on-line trading reminded me of it. About a week ago, my Mom told me that your method I showed them was really worth the effort to learn. For the 3 weeks in the month of Feb., They had gone about 5 times to the track. During those 5 times, they have a profit of just over $3,000. They look at the races totally different. They pass on races they would of played in the past. They play nothing but supers now.


They have taken the money that they have won and but it in penny stocks and do on-line trading for something to do during the day. They have sold several stocks this last week making between $500 & $1000 profit on the money they won on the dogs. So, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. How to win on the dogs and how to trade on-line.


SSooooo, You have my mom's seal of "APPROVAL".


Let you go for now, say hi to Karen for me, Rob
P.S. You have my approval to.


Testimonial #8

Hi Marcel,


Thought I would let you know how much I've enjoyed our first session. Like you said, it's more than what I was expecting, which is good, no great




Testimonial #9

Hello Marcel


I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed meeting you and working with you. Thanks for all the hard work. You are impressive, both as a handicapper and as a teacher. Thanks again Marcel and I will keep in touch.


Your friend,




Testimonial #10

Hello Marcel,


The following is my endorsement for Marcels wagering technique. It is, by far, the most logical approach to making a profit at any track in the country. With one gesture Marcel has shown me why I should not play closers to win. The technique forces you to be selective in your betting, and the profit naturally follows. I strongly recommend Marcel to anyone who wants to be elevated from a week-end gambler to a professional bettor.




Testimonial #11

Hi Marcel,


I contacted Marcel through his ad in The Racing Greyhounds Magazine. We talked on the phone a number of times. I liked what I heard. I spent the last week of February with Marcel in Daytona. It was fun, It was interesting. I learned a lot in a short period of time. I returned to Connecticut to practice what I had learned. It was less than 2 months later, in April on our first attempt at Networking that Marcel and I hit both ends of a forced out Tri-Super at Wonderland showing a profit of $3,600 each. It was a good start... I'm sure there will be more. Marcel has developed a methods to earn money at the dog track, but maybe more important is his ability to convey this knowledge to his students. Marcel is an excellent teacher.





Testimonial #12



I was an average player until I trained with Marcel. His method of handicapping and money management has elevated my game to that of a professional. I am now playing with confidence and discipline every time I attend the track. As a member of the "Nettwork", Marcels expertise gave me an excellent opportunity to hit big payoffs in the Twin-Tri's and Tri-Supers. I highly recommend training with Marcel to any player serious about making big money.






Testimonial #13



Just got back from visiting my son in Corpus Christi, We went to their track every night, and I must say its easy to hit using The WOFS Speed Method at this track. My son thought his mom was "HOT STUFF" when I hit both Superfectas for over $1,000.00


Best Wishes,


Testimonial #14

Dear Marcel,


I wanted to take the time to write and tell you how pleased I am with the training I received from you. Things are going well for me at St. Croix Meadows. I especially appreciate the fact that you are available for questions and assistance after the formal training. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is truly serious about handicapping.




Testimonial #15



I have been handicapping the "dogs" for over ten years. I had purchased every "GIMMICK" system on the market during that period of time. None worked like they proclaimed. Thank heavens I met you. Your approach to handicapping is so simple and so accurate. Your betting and money management strategies are fantastic. Recently, I went to my track (Geneva Lakes Kennel Club, Delevan, WI). Following your method exactly, I hit 2 Superfectas and 1 large Trifecta in the same afternoon. I was rewarded with a "NET" profit of $2,970.40. Not bad for an amateur!! If I would have met you 10 years ago, I could be retired by now.


Thanks again,




Testimonial #16



I LOVE YOU.... (Figuratively speaking of course)

Saturday night...... One Red Star and Two Green Star Races. Net profit of $920.00 (Hit all three 10 times each). Obviously they were small payoffs, but at ten times each, who cares. Two week net profit totaling about $3,933.00. Hope things are going as well for you as they are for me, only in a bigger way.




Testimonial #17

Dear Marcel,


I wanted to take the time to write and tell you, a year after training how things are going for me at St. Croix Meadows. My win ratio continues to improve and is holding at about 63% of the races I choose to play. It is extremely rewarding, both financially and emotionally, to finally understand how a race develops, runs and finishes. It is also of tremendous satisfaction to me to be able to tell which races to play and which to stay away from. I would now, with a year's experience under my belt, more than ever, highly recommend your course to anyone who is truly serious about handicapping.





Testimonial #18

Dear Marcel,


I wanted to drop you a line concerning the WOFS program I have tried several systems in the past and this is the only method that works for me. Last week I collected $2,700 on a Twin-Trifecta. I had the only winning ticket and it was not a force-out. Too bad someone hit it 2 days prior, or else it could have easily paid over $10,000. I have also had several payouts of over $1,000 on regular Trifectas in the last 60 days.


Thanks for everything,




Testimonial #19

Dear Marcel,


Just a quick note to let you know things are going great at St. Croix Meadows. I have hit 10 out of the last 13 Trifectas that I have chosen to play. That works out to a win ratio of 76.9% on Trifecta bets. I never could have hoped to achieve such a high percentage of wins without your training and support.

Thank you very much.




Testimonial #20

To Marcel,


Hi! I'm writing this letter to thank you. I wanted to tell you that your training was very professional and outstanding. I also wanted to inform you that in my first month of play for 1 track was a profit of $1,600. My win percentage on Red and Green Stars was 63% and my BBS (Best Bet Selection) was 35%. Am looking forward to improve on both as time goes on.


I would also like to thank you again for helping me hit a Tri-Super for $11,514 in only my second month in the business. Your help and patience with me was unbelievable. Hopefully there will be more of those in the future. In closing I also want to thank you for also giving me a way of passing races that really should not be played, its not only what you make but what you don't lose. I've got to go, take care and I'll be in touch.




Testimonial #21

To Marcel,




It's 3 weeks since you helped me hit a Tri-Super for $11,514 in only my second month in the business, and I just had to write to thank you for helping me hit 2 more since then! One of them for $8,909, and the other for $5,586. This makes a profit of $26,109 in my first 3 months in THE NETTWORK. I never expected anything even close to this when I took your training program. Needless to say, I'm overwhelmed and looking forward to a great future playing greyhounds!






Testimonial #22



Since my husband and I trained with you in July of 1997 I have experienced situations I never thought were possible, not only at my local track but also any simulcast track I choose to play. Your training was precise, amazing and very professional. It was a fun three days. Your continued support is also greatly appreciated. Here is a brief recap of the past 12 weeks. As per your instructions I played on paper the first week.


I'm happy to report a PROFIT of:


$2,051 the second week !
$3,740 the third week !!
$2,052 the fourth week !!!


The story gets better - as you know as Nettwork players we hit TWO Twin-Tri's back to back for a total of $14,228. This makes a grand total of $22,071 net profit! All of this in just 12 short weeks!


Marcel, you're truly remarkable!


Testimonial #23



This letter is to acknowledge that I have taken your course "The WOFS Speed Method Handicapping & Betting Techniques. Since I have taken the course I have consistently profited from my investments at the dog track. My winning average after two months is 60% for Tri's and 60% for Super's.


My biggest profit for one race is $750. I have tried and bought six of the best software handicapping programs on the market and I can truthfully say the WOFS method is far superior. Your techniques forces the investor to very carefully and accurately select the races.






Testimonial #24


Marcel, I always knew you were a top-notch, first class kind of guy, and your web site reflects it. Great job! I can see how you spent a ton on it. By the way, I have used my winnings to pay off my training, buy this computer, and am now in the process of paying off our last credit card (never again will we use them) and in another year I should have my second mortgage paid off. Then I am going to consider doing this full-time!


Best wishes,


Testimonial #25

Marcel and Karen


Just a note to touch base and say thank you. l've had some time off and have been studying a lot. l do feel so much more comfortable. Karen, l still see your face as you sat beside me, teaching and helping me to think, with your treasured comments and inspirations. l have been playing with races and have so improved over all that l ever did. l do apologize for my drowsiness at class.

l appreciate you both. My prayer, my hope is that you regain your health. You have helped so many get a new life --- and now you need one.


Many thanks again for your kindness.



Testimonial #26

Dear Marcel;


I don't know the background or experience's of the other individual's that purchased your Home Study Course, however I had been playing the greyhounds professionally since 1996 and successfully, but not to the degreee that you were experiencing. As you know per our convesations I was watching video replays for an average of 2-3 hours a day and you told me it was a waste of time. I didn't realize how acurate you were untill I dedicated myself to your program. I received my Home Study Course on Wedensday June 27, 2007 and studied and applied your principles for 2 weeks on paper and since that time my star dogs our winning 70% of the time this is fantastic the best thing since sliced bread.


Thanks, and also would you consider taking this off the market I'm afraid if to many people discover this secret that they will dilute our tri and super pool's just kidding,


Anybody wanting to play the greyhounds professional or as weekend recreation. Don't do it untill you can purchase this !outstanding program and apply it and you will never question this purchase.


Thanks Again.