allows you to choose from 3 to 12 easy monthly installments towards the purchase of your own WOFS Home Study Course (HSC) program. Payments are interest free! So, it doesn’t get easier than that to go pro!

While my trained pro players experienced record profits in 2015 there are new and inexperienced players contacting me these days having a difficult time in today's economy. As a result, was developed to give these players an opportunity to purchase the ONLY proven greyhound handicapping method in the world.
Now makes it possible for you to get the best handicapping and betting education in the world regardless of your financial situation. If you are presently losing $100 to $200 per week, then you can easily afford my WOFS Speed Method Home Study Course in 3 to 12 payments with



Automatic payment dates will be arranged when you place your order to purchase your WOFS HSC program. Said payments will come due on the same day your first payment is made based on the plan selected. Your are charged equal payments based on the program selected until the final payment is made. The WOFS HSC program is copyright protected and as such can only be shipped after your final payment has been made.



Any discounts or promotions (which are few and far between) are not applicable to our payment plan.



Our program was developed to help serious minded players who want to help themselves. However, due to todays down economy some may not be able to stay on their payment schedule. As a result, if at any time during the payment plan a player cannot make their next payment there are 2 options available to them. In either option the player must notify us via e-mail by clicking here.


Option #1: Request to change to a longer payment plan

If option #1 is chosen then the player may request an extended payment plan which will be more affordable. Payments continue on the new payment plan until all payments have been paid in full.


Option #2: Request a freeze be placed on your account

If option #2 is chosen then the player’s account is frozen indefinitely until they are ready to complete their payment plan with no penalty or interest assessed.


So it’s clear a player on the program can never lose $1.00 of their investment and can complete their payment plan when they are in a better position to do so without any consequences.